A Great Commission: The Holy Bible Explains.

We must ask, rightly, what is the church? The best thing that could happen is that these corporations toss their mortgage company the keys, bankrupt the BUSINESS and then; with prayer and fasting come to repentance from having 3 masters (incorporation under the IRS, debt to a bankster, and holy God) then open up Matthew 28, get down on their knees, and read those last several verses from the Ancient of Days. And then, go make disciples of all Nations (ethnos), which being rightly understood is much more than simply seeing individuals to be converted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, although certainly this is where we start with an individual.

The command is to be literally taken that we, true followers of the way, are commanded to take over every aspect of society including recreation, social, corporate, government; taking by the will of Holy God, Peoples, Nations, Countries, and Kingdoms making them all, every last one, disciples of Jesus Christ. The sole purpose would be that every peoples be MADE free by God. This is the greatness of the great commission. The Great commission is not a pretty good commission to see individual souls saved, although it is, no, it is truly great. Read “make disciples of all nations” in the Greek. The American Church is failed.

Jesus Christ, having been resurrected; defeating sin and death and hell told 500 men to conquer the world. That’s the mission of Christ. You might say that I’m not properly a Christian Reconstructionist, but a Christian Constructionist, as this work is ongoing. We had come quite far from those early days 2000 years ago, having more or less conquered two continents, three if you count Australia, and dozens of other countries on every continent. But the Churches took new Masters, and have forsaken the work, will, and the way as given in the Commandments of the only true Master.

This is why your country is dying. So I ask, as I often do; was a Christian America, a Christian West really that bad? Or, was it the primary mission of the converted to see all the world be free in Christ Jesus?

Sadly the American Church has no answer to anything about the times in which we live, and that’s why the young, already converted and believing, don’t go. They see the Churches, rightly in the great majority of cases, as nothing but extensions of what they see everywhere else. Or full of ritual that has little to do with what their heart tells them is the mission of Christ. Converted and lost in a sea time wasters, because nobody will show them the way of the Master. I know, I talk to them every day. Churches offer no starkly bold line from which to make obvious conclusions about the Holy Commands of our God. The stats are awful and it reflects in the congregants. Abortion rates, little helper pills, seeking “counseling” from witch doctor psychiatrists, and the congregants like dutiful little brainwashed idiots parrot fox news talking points when asked about current events. Or worse, they say it’s all going to wax worse and worse and there’s nothing we can do about it, when OBVIOUSLY our King Christ Jesus told us to conquer the world before His return, the which no man knows the date.

CEDING GROUND through submission to a fate religion by the surrendering of this primary mission of Christ, thereby giving in to the workers of iniquity is a grave wickedness, and every preacher, pastor, leader, and believer will be held to account for this moronic submission to the works of the devil.

Why would believers continue in this wickedness? It’s a fatalistic giving up, and indeed, if you give up, evil will become more pervasive.

We are not to be snatching brands from the fire when we make believers; we are supposed to be making a new soldier to conquer Christ’s Domain, all power and authority having been given to Jesus Christ on earth for the discipleship of all Nations.

Gentry: “As the numbers of converts increase, this providentially leads to the subsuming under the authority of Christ whole institutions, cultures, societies, and governments.”

Matthew Henry: “Christianity should be twisted in with national constitutions…the kingdoms of the world should become Christ’s kingdoms, and their kings the church’s nursing fathers…do your utmost to make the nations Christian nations…Christ the Mediator is setting up a kingdom in the world, bring the nations to be His subjects.”

Both hand typed, any error is mine. I would have worded it differently than Matthew Henry but the point is well made so I don’t disagree in any regard.

I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of the negative world view of believers. It’s stupid to give up to the devil as we are to resist that lying liar which is a fraud of God.

Kingdom come on earth as in heaven!

The government will be on his shoulders!

Witnesses to all nations!

Disciple all nations!

Saviour of the world!

All men should come to repentance!

Work out your salvation (not work for, that’s retarding) but work it out into every aspect of all that we do.

Prove what is the perfect will of God!

Expose the works of darkness!

Fight spiritual wickedness in high places

Lord of all!

Every knee will bow!

Occupy ‘til he comes

We are more than conquerors

Good soldier of Jesus Christ

The ideas behind these verses, paraphrased here, should mean something. They are the word of God, not a self-help pep talk. On and on the New Testament proclaims the power of Christ Jesus and the work of His people, The King and His subjects in service of Him.

Christians are a bunch of losers and that’s why the muz see their religion as stronger, (I know, I talk to them often.) and it probably is, but that’s nobody’s fault but ours. How can I look a muz right in the eye and proclaim that my God is stronger when Christians don’t even believe that He’s stronger than the supposed immanent arrival of the age of evil under the rule of the devil?

I was only sort-of delivered from the power darkness, except the devil controls everything? What a stupid, lazy, backwards religion.

A terrible thing I see every day is that believers have to be asked 2, 3, and even 4 times how it is that know they have eternal life in heaven. I have to drag it out them with open ended questions; why, how, upon what basis, how can you be sure, etc? Look, be ready at all times to proclaim the basis for the foundation of your hope.

As an example; Jesus Christ died on the cross to save my soul, I believe it, and I’m saved. See, how easy is that? You work it out with fear and trembling what our Lord would have you, but be ready.

Be ready at all times to proclaim His name. And set aside specific time(s) every week to testify of Him to the lost, and go and make disciples. Duh!

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 10:32

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” 1 Peter 3:15

Disciples being taught all things which Jesus Commanded, and since Jesus is God, and the entirety of scripture is there for our education and reproof, searching the entirety of the Scriptures must be part of the life’s work of any believer. How can you know, if you don’t know His Word, which also, as prophesied of old came in the flesh.

Read the entire New Testament from Matthew 1 through to Revelation 22. Read a couple chapters a day. Then read the entire thing again. Then, start in Genesis and read it whole bible cover to cover for the rest of your life. Do this on top of any study of a specific book(s), or topic studies etc.

And seek men fruitful in the works of God, which will meet with you to pour over the Holy Bible together. Perhaps start by writing what God reveals to you verse by verse on the entire book of John, and share it with this man or men as you go. When you are done, you will laugh, giving thanks to the Father, at the simple mindedness and spiritual shallowness of your work on the early chapters. God is the Master instructor.

Strengthened with ALL MIGHT!

“That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness; Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:” Colossians 1:10-14

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ: He was born of a virgin. He lived a sinless life. He died on the cross, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day defeating sin and death and hell for you that if you believe, you too can overcome the world and the grave being given eternal life in Christ Jesus. Ok? It’s simple!

The work of God is to first believe on Him which sent His son to die for you. (John 6:28-29) Then, and only then, are your works for Him righteous in the building of His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.

This is not a formula. The Holy Spirit of God saves souls by faith in Christ Jesus. An example of some verses to share as you talk with the lost Sinner:

  1. The lost Sinner must know that He is a lost Sinner: Romans 3:10-12, 23
  1. The lost Sinner must know that the price on their sin is judgement/wrath/death/Hell: Romans 6:23 (Note: stark choice that must be made) and Revelation 20:14
  1. The lost Sinner must know that salvation is not of works (Not religion/not church/not baptism/not being a good person/etc.): Ephesians 2:8-9 (Note: Gift Approach from Romans 6:23 above.)
  1. The lost Sinner must know that Jesus already paid the Sinner’s debt / Jesus can save them: Romans 5:8
  1. The Sinner must receive Christ by Faith: Romans 10:9-10, 13

Wealth Extraction. The Holy Bible Explains.

Here in the former free America, there was no crime to speak of, certainly not major violent crime, when all men carried a weapon for the good order and discipline of the nation, and when men were hanged in public. Public hangings are an exemplary way of demonstrating to every nine years old boy exactly what happens when one commits an offense against another. This is an extremely salient teaching tool. Families would come from near and far, bring a lunch, and have their children watch. All boys must know from their youth that authority exists, ultimately resting with God. Interestingly, there is no sense in the Holy Bible of what is found in the modern notion of a communistic ‘debt to society.’ The bible calls for all debtors to make the offended whole, usually through servitude, translated, again by modernists, as slavery. Keep these things in mind next time you hear of the relatively comfortable trappings of today’s prisons and of yuuths run wild.

“Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

Pontius Pilot, the Roman Prefect of Judea or close enough, wanted nothing to do with the execution of our LORD Jesus. All he wanted to do was to keep the peace and maintain the status quo. The Romans didn’t want the peoples of the lands that they conquered rising up or rioting. This might have interfered with their primary task, the task of all empires, to maintain their power through force at arms but all have the primary overarching purpose of wealth extraction. Pilot had a job to do, keep the peace between Rome and the complicit and seditious Sanhedrin who had sold out their own people for a piece of the action.

Separately, Jesus whipped the Money Changers with a cat o’ nine tales because the Priests were running a racket in the temples. The Money Changers sold the sacrificial animals at monopoly prices turning God ordained duties into a for profit privilege. Sounding familiar? The Sanhedrin, with the help of the Money Changers, were stealing by perverting the commands of a Holy Christ, clearly a sin. Our LORD was unamused.

The treasonous Sanhedrin supported the Roman occupation because they too wanted Roman held stability, which meant that their own schemes could operate unabated. The Sanhedrin got an army out of the deal, to keep everybody under control without having to pay for it, while they ran the nation. As long as the Romans got what they wanted and the Sanhedrin, those early Talmudist’s, got what they wanted then everybody was happy, well, everybody except the other ninety five percent of the population. Most of this is a pretty basic understanding from which the scene is being set.

Being an infant Christian has nothing to do with the number of years you’ve been a believer, it’s about maturity. If you don’t understand these passages and the context around what’s being discussed as they relate to the, then, coming, death, burial, and resurrection of our King please begin to read your Holy Bible daily and pray without ceasing to Christ Jesus. I know that your church isn’t’ teaching you this stuff, we need you in the fight.

Back to Pilot and the kangaroo trial of Jesus for a moment. The Romans would honor the local custom of releasing a criminal at the Passover, further evidence of a desire to keep the population pacified because why would Romans care about Passover? But assuredly the people, incited by the Jewish leaders, got their circuses. The other criminals were scourged; itself a form of torture, and then publicly crucified, a day’s long gruesome torturing until death which usually concluded with the criminals legs being broken to keep them from pushing themselves up with their nailed legs and feet in order to take breath. There was little crime.

“And as Jesus passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he saith unto him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him.”

The Apostle Matthew was, very likely, a somewhat well to do man and most definitely a traitor as he too was an Hebrew but taxed his own for the collection of Roman tribute. The tax collectors got wealthy because, like any good protection racket, the Romans didn’t care how much the Tax Collector took; only that he met his quota to the general collection for the regional Prefect, who also took a cut, with presumably other middle men taking a share as well. This is why Tax Collectors in the bible are called sinners, they stole. For another time is how taxation is sin in the first place even as Christ is saying; “And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.” But there is some sense of this to follow here.

All levels were engaged in the extraction of wealth boldly conducting a hierarchical systematic theft of the people’s private property. Some say the Zealots were in the wrong and had no case to make war. More lies. If the Zealots were wrong, why do you celebrate the fourth of July? Willfully bad teaching of infantile milk taking Christians being lied to by their statist religious leaders.

Again the words of our LORD: “And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.”

But what if there were no Caesar? Well, for the second time in human history there wasn’t. Whenever you hear this verse in Church your heart sinks a little. There is a reason for that and it’s more than just your rebellious spirit because every man’s heart sinks, telling us that there must be a Natural Law truth that’s been missed, I say willfully hidden. The American Church loves to talk about how we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto to God what is God’s. About whose money did Jesus say this? The money being forfeit to a foreign occupying army? Well, it was their money, it was Caesars. Now we’re getting into the Biblical nitty gritty of why the colonies fought and won a war to free themselves from the Caesar of their day. And, who does the American Church, now incorporated under the Internal Revenue Code, say to render unto? What if we had no Caesar? What if congress, Us, by our duly elected representatives, coined the money?

“Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us; That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.”

By way of background to more fully understand the covenantal nature of our God; the first time without a king was during the Judges. Read 1 Samuel 8 for yourself. It’s a sad thing that freemen, made free under the Law (not the ceremonies) of Holy God, would seek to submit themselves to a man. The battle cry, not told in any State run school or Church, of the US insurrection against England was; “No king But Christ”, or also perhaps, alternately; “No king but King Jesus”. It is by this, among other reasons that I firmly believe that the American war for independence was the final culmination of the Reformation as the people, with a sound understanding of Holy God’s love for complete devotion solely to Him, having understood the error of the desire for a human king, placed all faith, again, where it rightly belongs, in Christ Jesus, and asked of God to reverse that curse from the days of Samuel, within the blood covenant with Jesus, confirmed by the men who were known of Christ when they killed those English solders on the grounds of the Church where Jonas Clark, the preacher, and the other men of that Church would have none of king George’s gun control when the Red Coats came for the powder and arms. Didn’t teach you that they were Christian, did they? That the ‘green’ where the shot heard ‘round the world’ was fired on the lawn of a Church, did they? That the first battle was over gun control, did they? Why was this shot heard around the world? Anybody tell you that? That men, finally and again, demanded to be without a king and chose Christ alone to rule them? Did anybody ‘splain that to you?

The writers of the now willfully destroyed Constitution were very well aware of the Render unto Caesar verse. This is why they wrote that it would be the Congress that shall “…coin money and regulate the value thereof.” Congress is (was) us, our duly appointed, by an electoral method, representatives. It was by design that we would have NO Caesar, no king but King Jesus, and therefore no taxation, no man unto whom we must render the production of our labor. Indeed, only that a man in Christ Jesus with charity of heart give of his own liberality to his fellows for the proper care and health of neighbors and friends among those with whom he held a common bond, remembering to take care of his own house first and then his tribe, but firstly to render unto God that which is His for the primary mission of His church, not the buying of land and programs and daycares, but the planting of churches and the spreading of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the ends of the earth!

We’ve become so perverted now that American Communists equate taxation to charity as though the heart of a man were never called by God to be made at peace in helping his neighbors. This is more than mere theft; it’s theft of God’s economy, a most egregious sin.

By the outsourcing of the ‘monetary supply’ to the Federal Reserve, which isn’t Federal and doesn’t Reserve anything at all, the US Federal and all lower governments are now doing the same thing that the traitors and their occupying armies did in the days of antiquity when Christ walked among men. Today they suck your wealth potential at a total combined rate, all in, of fifty percent. They get rich and the debt from their spending, now at usury levels, another sin before Holy God, is pinned on your grandchildren’s grandchildren. It’s a scam. Western Civilization is gone. We’ve been conquered and we are now occupied by treasonous traitors from within and international conquerors from without. If you don’t think so, then you’ve been had like a fool as well.

They are all in on it and laughing at you behind your back, and even in your face just like a Roman occupying Centurion. Anytime anybody, from any level of government is talking they only have one single focus; keep the racket afloat. All the while you’re falling for the lies and they’re falling down laughing at you. You’re a slave and YES, you should be riled up. You are considered a wholly owned corporate subsidiary and the property of your debt holders, a servant to your masters; you are a bondman to the overlords, A SLAVE! Yet you were made this way by evil intends, an offense to the Law of God. In Holy Bible terms you are innocent and wrongfully enslaved. Slavery isn’t about skin colour, it’s about owning your own labor! Your personal money debts are not helping, they are exacerbating the problem. Don’t be part of the problem. Cut up the self-enslaving cards, pay off your debts, all of them, yes your mortgage included, it is a precept of Holy God.

You were commanded NEVER to let this happen, and this is why your heart sinks when your hireling pastor quotes this verse. You are at variance with the Holy Creator and redeemer of souls from whom all life, freedom, and property flow. Dominion was granted to us, and our vary capacity to even love one another in charity while walking upright as men among men, sovereign, righteous in the promise of an Almighty great and gracious God, loved of Him that made us free by His blood; it’s all been stolen, at gun point, in the largest protection racket ever conceived. Not only is debt the primary cause of divorce, money and money problems, yes, debt robs your capacity to love one another and even to love God.

Since we have no Caesar by design, it would be foolish, in congress, to tax ourselves and then give it back to ourselves and yet here we are. All taxation in America is theft for we are (were) our own Caesar.

Brothers and sisters we were commanded to: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

Instead of mere accusation I’ll say this. To finish the thread this has been pulled, but will elude the American Church (I find this funny to the point of derision), of what and of who is this verse spoken? Is it out of context?  Believers are not to allow Judaizers, those same Sanhedrin, those same who hold up the traditions of men as their god, those same who tell fables, and followed the first century Christians around and where they couldn’t re-enslave them simply killed them, these same that are today’s Talmudist blasphemers of our LORD Christ Jesus, to ensnare us at the hand of that fowler to take us back under bondage under human kingship, the very bondage of those who rejected Christ Jesus, their own God of who it was told in so many ages, by so many men sent of God and by Christ himself that He, this Messias, would come. That’s who. We are commanded of Holy God to never become entangled with Zionists. “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.”

And now, generation Z, apparently to become the undertaker of the West is lining up to choose between leftism and rightism, the which, as a Christian, there is no difference, as both have at every turn in the past, and must again kill the followers of Christ.

“Accordingly, a fundamental and necessary premise in any and every study of law must be, first, recognition of this religious nature of law.  Second, it must be recognized that in any culture the source of law is the god of that society. If law has its source in man’s reason, then reason is the god of that society. If the source is an oligarchy, or in a court, senate, or ruler, then that source is the god of that system.”


“Third, in any society, any change of law is an explicit or implicit change of religion. Nothing more clearly reveals, in fact, the religious change in a society than a legal revolution. Fourth, no disestablishment of religion as such is possible in any society. A church can be disestablished, and a particular religion can be supplanted by another, but the change is simply to another religion.” – R. J. Rushdoony

This is why Hitler killed a million Christians even before he got to the Jews. Yes, I’m calling for a revolution, in Christ is the Revolution. Any tyrant can kill thousands and thousands or millions upon millions, and they all do, oh but to be part of the revolution that has saved a billion souls to everlasting lasting life for the glory and honour of our Holy Creator. Why is the American Church not preaching this? Christianity is the world’s most audacious, disruptive, society changing revolution mankind has ever seen. Are the next generation really to set about to kill each other in a fight to see who can best represent the devil in failed systems that only kill and destroy, to leave another generation to clean up the mess? Why NOT Christ? Was a Christian West that bad? All revolutions of men are phony, a facade of a utopia that can never be. In Christ Jesus are men made free to never be in bondage again.

Christ overthrew the Jews and scattered them to the wind. Christ overthrew Rome. Christ overthrew the Papacy and Christ overthrew England’s empire, although vestiges of all remain. I suspect, at the current rate, Christ will overthrow 6 thousand years of Chinese idol worship and with it, that government. Don’t come under the failed ideology of the current US government or the promises of some man made new beginning and most assuredly don’t come under our Judaizing masters that are submitted to Zionism, the failed American Church. Yes, I went there. It’s a false idol, and regardless of the efforts of the next generation when government is overthrown, it will be overthrown as well.

Oh Holy God, you are the revolution, the one all men seek, the one that actually satisfies the lusts and desires of men that steals not wealth, and horribly, whole generations into destruction, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The next generation has a simple choice; believe on the LORD and be free indeed, or get bulldozed into a trench.

Defense Of The Heritable Line


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“And Jehoiada made a covenant between the LORD and the king and the people, that they should be the LORD’S people; between the king also and the people. And all the people of the land went into the house of Baal, and brake it down; his altars and his images brake they in pieces thoroughly, and slew Mattan the priest of Baal before the altars. And the priest appointed officers over the house of the LORD. And he took the rulers over hundreds, and the captains, and the guard, and all the people of the land; and they brought down the king from the house of the LORD, and came by the way of the gate of the guard to the king’s house. And he sat on the throne of the kings. And all the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was in quiet: and they slew Athaliah with the sword beside the king’s house.”

Did you catch that? “…and the city was in quiet” at peace, enmity with God having been removed.

A cat’s head is an extraordinary and highly tuned forward array of sensors. Cheetahs use swiftness almost exclusively and therefor are lightweight and susceptible to damage so they take prey much smaller than themselves. African lions are a little different because they form a Pride and hunt in a pack. It’s easy to romanticize the stealthy and fast lone hunter that is the Leopard and the North American Lion. A leopard can carry its own body weight up a tree and the mountain lion, if it were so inclined, could casually hop up onto your first story roof. Yes the lone hunter, it’s in every action book and movie but we humans are not solitary by created nature. In the newly won supremacy of an African Lion Pride, the new and now Dominant Male kills all of the young offspring of his defeated former head and will drive off many younger, up and coming males. He does this to set his line. While not as renowned as a bear, cats have extraordinary olfactory senses and the male can smell the line of the former head on it’s young. The former chief male is not usually killed outright, but having lost its place and sometimes injured it’s now alone, it’s never long but to return to the clay from which it was taken.

Who is killing our children? Are we a captured people now lead by a ruthless death cult? If the mass murder of children is the law what kind of covenant is that, do we have a Constitution at all? Why follow the laws of men in such a case, submit not to Sin. We have zero obligations to follow the laws of men from which we are made to sin, as all sin is against our LORD, there is a higher Law.

If we had a Pro Life President, a true believer, what would he do? If he were a man known of God well studied in the Holy Scriptures he certainly wouldn’t wait for 9 clowns in robes to end the execution of those who have yet to draw their first breath. No, he would break down the temples of the followers of satan and go about to ensure that every last one of those directly responsible for this heathenistic barbarity be very publicly hanged from the neck until dead, yes, politicians, doctors, lawyers, organizations, judges, all of them. And he would proclaim throughout all the land that; dear Women, your vote and positions to govern end TODAY, you may not simply absolve yourselves of the ruination of our entire heritable line by calling it democratic law, you’ve lost the privilege to seek self-rule by breaking Covenant with a wrathful and mighty Holy God, a covenant made in the days while Adam named the animals. You will not kill your young, we are NOT animals!

Free will and agency does not make you a god to determine who shall live and die that have drawn no blood. This genocide is a reprobate abomination, a sin unto to Holy God.

Back to Jehoiada, not wanting to sound too casual after all he was a high priest of the LORD God, but by way of friendly admiration, I’m starting to like this guy more and more. As soon as he restored rightful power in the tribal lands by restoration of the line of succession what did he do? He went all in with the LORD, and they determined by covenant in their hearts that platitudes and voting blocks and controlled opposition were of the devil. They killed the pagan opposition in defense of Life, Family, Tribe and Nation. All cults are death cults! A real Pro Life President that knows the LORD would firstly and foremost defend the lives of his Nations most precocious resource, it’s very future, for what future hold a Nation that kills it’s young? The purveyors, these people as I’m trying to be gracious because the main proponents of any such endeavor I say with all seriousness, must have devils; they have made a blood covenant with satan himself. How could the killing of 70 million babies be anything other?

God is Life, as in the case from the verses above where a covenant with God was made; we’ve been drawn into an opposite covenant of death by way of National approval. There are none that are not guilty, you and I included, as the country has made law not only to permit such war crimes, YES WAR CRIMES against God’s precious souls because all sin puts one at enmity with God. There is no omission because all must fund this sin and a lack of active participation, forgive me LORD, is not defense before the Holy Christ who sits in power and glory and in judgement at the right hand of the Father over all of creation, we, if we read our Holy Bible correctly, must be found guilty. America is not going to weasel its way out of this. Action, by men is needed. If we won’t fix it, He will.

Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?”

All beings brought to life arrive by the creation of God. Are God’s pinnacle creation a mere commodity or are they precious in the sight of the LORD. We know where this is headed. We see it coming all around the edges; the taking of blood from the young, not by mutual agreement to the preservation of the life of a known elder but by system, by vanity, by hobby, yes, by religion. And the selling of those killed that are yet to be born for their body parts, for “research”? And the prior attempts to take the Stem Cells of those yet born, all very clinically, scientifically, sterile, in a laboratory environment but we all know where this leads.

First do no harm? What kind of sin is this when it’s proclaimed in the name of Science? When a people make Science their god any abomination in the name of Science is called as some common good. Science is the observation of God’s creation or His created order. A nation properly run, and Christians themselves are not against Science but must be against Science as some kind of god lest you end up extracting wealth by way of carbon taxation to save the world from its own weather! Having evolved from monkeys, LORD help us, as this cult teaches, making us no better than the animals over which we have been gifted dominion, and the killing of children for expediency to later be proclaimed in the name of the god of science will lead to the harvesting of children as though a precious beautiful creation of Father God, known of Him before the foundation of the world, were simply any other planetary mineral resource to be devoured by a supposedly slightly smarter and more evolved troop of baboons. This is what happens when science is your god! I say again; we are not animals!

I’m not going to go into the global death cult of the Babylonian New World Order 2.0, I can’t bear to catalog it as the imagery and ceremony deeply disturbs my mind and troubles my heart. Do your own research if you have the spirit to handle it. There is plenty of information out there and as far as what they believe I do not know because I reject their false gods.

Believe on the Father of creation and His only begotten son, the LORD Christ Jesus to the saving of the souls of men. Jehoiada didn’t, as the American Church does, wax sorrowfully with a phony continence about how someday the LORD will call His enemies to account, no he set his Nation aright with its proper king and went about to end the followers and purveyors of devils, and death, and cults. He didn’t wait for a so called supreme court because the supreme Creator has already spoken through His Holy Word and speaks now to us through His preserved word, His Holy Bible. There is a higher Law! Where a government of men violates God by sin there is no duty to follow it or them. Our duty is to the Creator of all life. A cult of death is not a country worth having.

“Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.”

The city is not in quiet, not at peace; enmity with God has not been removed. Because the American Church has failed to correct this situation and has actively participated, any rightful understanding of God’s word leads us to conclude that America has been handed over for a holy reckoning. Western Civilization will burn.

O’ LORD all dominion and honor rest with you. forgive us not but make your judgement swift and save alive a seed that you might be glorified yet again, that the heathen would know there is a God with all power seated in judgement yet standing to welcome His saints home though we deserve it not, and if our end in this life come, then let it be in the name of your Holy Son, glory be to the Father. We are not animals.

Men and Women: The Holy Bible Explains.

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The plain and evident facts of God’s creation

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.”

People, even Christians deny these verses. Apparently there is some kind of problem with the part about women submitting to men. Never addressed is the difficulty of the duty that is assigned by Holy God to the man:

  1. Die to save her life
  2. Be a type of Christ for her
  3. Be both submitted to God yet the leader of the Tribe simultaneously
  4. Love his wife as much as Christ loves him (that’s a command of Holy God not some school girl notional value of love)
  5. Sacrifice everything for her
  6. Ensure the family is upright before a wrathful God
  7. Be sinless, spotless, and above reproach and keep his help meet the same
  8. And he must sacrifice, unto God, everything that he wants so that his family will thrive

A man wants, no needs, to fulfill these jobs. He has an innate drive by the design of God to fulfill these roles. Would it be too much, if you’re a women, to shut up and let your man lead the family, your tribe, your nation, and build civilization? Seriously, it’s a hard job and you’re not helping.

Now this is where a dumb woman will get angry. Ah but the smart one, the one that will recognize the grand and very useful master list, from God Himself, of how to support her man to maximize the realization of their dreams together, that’a girl, hang in there

The Left is destroying men. They are insisting that one, these tasks belong to government and two, that they simultaneously aren’t needed tasks. You see; evil isn’t even clever.

Women are better shooters than men for preciously the reason that they are not qualified to fight in war. Women calmly squeeze the trigger, an act that has zero to do with the way God designed men and women. I don’t want to get into a dual, in the open, at 15 yrds with an experienced women but I promise you, none of those women want to follow me up into the back hills of Tennessee to see which one comes back down. The very notion of such a contest to a woman is ridiculous because our design differences go well beyond the physical.

God made men to work, protect, hunt, build, and make hard decisions to ensure the survival of the tribe. God made women to help men, to nurture, gather, encourage and yes, especially to inspire. These traits of women are not belittling to mention. This notion is absurd and frankly, brainwashing. Women are necessary to the proper raising of children, and maintaining a family and critical to nurturing that familial relationship without which all of society falls apart. And while they are building their careers society is indeed falling apart. But these qualities are not for and do not translate into making hard leadership decisions like, repelling invasion or killing. These wonderful traits of a woman are the very converse. These attributes of women are OF GOD, ON PURPOSE, BY DESIGN. When you reject them you reject God’s purposes and reject God himself. To attempt to redesign this bimodal symmetry, or one working hand in glove with the other, into some fashion that fits a notion of a godless world is an affront to the Law of God and a rebuke of the LORD himself by the unholy and misguided followers of evil.

I might add that when this beautiful nurturing and loving desire that God has placed in the hearts of women is tried on a societal scale it is ruinous to that society. A society run by women is one that will not fight, will not risk. Men were designed by God to lead because some people must be ‘hurt’ in order for the whole of mankind to advance. We are not all equal to the same tasks. A nation cannot be nurtured into success; it must be lead, often against its immediate fears in order to destroy the source of those fears. A society nurtured by a women run governmental structure is destructive to that society. Call me a sexist, racist, misogynist, whatever; it doesn’t change the facts of God’s created order.

The difference between men and women is a multi-varied problem that’s too complicated to solve. Well of course it is, men and women are different from each other! Only the devil wants women to be like men and men to be like women. Why, because the devil and his workers of iniquity hate you and want you destroyed and dead. The lies of the devil and the destructiveness of his followers is the problem.

Are you 30 years old, single, childless, fat, indebted, hate your job, and miserable or any combination these? Whose god are you serving? Quit following after the lies of devils.

“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him…Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

There you have it. Help him, go and make your man a superstar apex male and guys, go get you a girl that drives you and inspires you to greatness. The LORD is with you.

Look at the list again; there is only one way to begin to approach such a task for a man, that’s on your knees before a Holy Righteous God.

An Appeal To God

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Denying that you are a party to a contract is not the same as acknowledging that the contract was made void by the other party(s), and therefore you now have no duty to it.

The right position is; THEY did this, they broke the covenant, this is their fault, they are the ones that are making war on us and our way of life. This manner is an appeal to God for His justice. Read the works of and about David.

There is a higher Law, but the Left denies any such law. It is the Left that declare anarchy by breaking the covenant and then denying God. The correct position is; ok, if the constitution is void, and it is, then we must go about to reestablish a functioning system; thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet, thou shall have no other god’s before me, don’t rape you neighbors wife, etc.

But the left makes itself to be a lawgiver and sole arbiter of right and wrong based upon innumerable tests, all which are the feminine. Evolution is the feminine; it is mother earth as life giver instead of Father God and the life being in the blood by his being Master, Creator, Redeemer, Holy, having made us Sons of God to an inheritance incorruptible, granting by His blessing to us dominion and authority to bring His Word to all people and subdue the Earth by being the head, male, masculine. Evolutionisism is humanism, self as god, evolutionism is the feminine.

The Left has created a state of lawlessness wherein there is no functioning Constitution and no functioning Law of God. This is a state of war both against America, and against Holy God. This is, what Red Flag laws are, they are a declaration of intent to make themselves a god by voiding all other law. It’s lawlessness, anarchy by the witchcraft of divination.

You won’t like me operating in the knowledge that there is no law but to restore God’s Laws, but God will bless those that do, and that’s where the American Church is infantile in its understanding. When there is no law, God’s Law WILL be restored by means and with manners most unpleasant, and since Christians won’t do it, He will.

Whose Garden is this? Whose Kingdom is this? Who’s given authority to reign over it? If not Christ Jesus the Saviour by His men then who? Why do Christians allow the wicked perverters of Holy God to run rampant, to own the entire planet and to dictate unto God himself what the means and outcomes should be? Enjoy the Judgement, you deserve it.